Yeah im batman


Haha okay so this mask made me laugh so I thought I woukd share it with all of you. Hope it made you smile ūüôā


What happens at work

Okay so where in work I have to wear a name tag but, only with my first name. I was on a morning shift the¬†a few days ago¬†and¬†a¬†boy had¬†come in and placed his order he asked for a bacon roll with brown sauce. Once it was cooked i handed the product to the boy only to realise the one¬†I had handed him didn’t have the brown sauce on it, he refused to give me back the bacon roll¬†because he¬†believe that¬†it did have brown sauce on.¬†I decided¬†that I wouldn’t¬†argue with him because out policy was, the customer is always right. Well this was clearly not the case because I knew it didn’t have that sauce on, but who am I just a dumb waitress right? Later that night I got home from work, got into some comfy clothes did my usual social media checks to find an inbox from some boy I’d never heard the name of, Wierd right? I thought before I reply back¬†I’ll have a nosey through his facebook to see if I recognise him, well two picture in and I realised it was the same customer who didn’t have the brown sauce on his roll.¬†We only had two mutual friends on so he had gone out of his way to search me out. Anyway, his inbox said, “you know that roll I brought to day it was plain” I didn’t know what he wanted me to say as I was not in a position to give him anything free I mean I did tell him it was plain, so I replyed “sorry, I did tell you”¬†I just thought to myself how weird that out of everything you could have done you decided to take your time and search me up¬†on facebook instead of bringing the roll back in,¬†slightly weird¬†in my opinion but hey ho what ever floats his boat.
I was working again today, and was serving what looked like a son and father. I asked for the order and the young boys reply was,”hello lady would you like some flowers?” With a massive smile on his face, not knowing quite what to say I replied with a nervous giggle, me being silly thinking that perhaps this would change the subject and they would then just tell me their order. The dad then responded to me with a question “can he have your number?” To which I replied politly “no sorry”.Everyone in work was laughing I was so embarrassed, my face had gone as red as a tomato, to which my manager had noticed and came over to ask if I was okay or needed any help. The father had seen I was bright red and made this comment “why are you blushing do you like my son?” Sarcastically I replied “yes sir thats why im blushing” whether he got that sarcasm or not I will never know as I then got asked for my number again. I stopped serving them and a boy I work with shouted “yes! You got chatted up, I wish people would ask for my number”, “yes” I said “By a ten year old” all of the members of staff were in hysterics, It was so embarrassing but so funny at the same time.
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ME :)


I am eighteen years old soon to be nineteen, I have lived most of my life in England mainly down the south in the nice sunny parts, recently my parents have moved me to a remote place at the very top of Scotland well, that could be slightly exaggerated but that’s what it feels like. Now for me I like to go shopping as and when I want well here that’s not possible as my nearest shopping town is a 40 minute drive away and considering I can drive that’s no good so I have to get an hour and a half bus. Sounds great right? Well no its not. Yes don’t get me wrong¬†I love the scenery up here its beautiful. But its winter near enough all year round , when its sunny that usually changed the next day. It’s just not what I’m used to at all. I am a female and have two brothers and two sisters me being the eldest and them all living at home.