What happens at work

Okay so where in work I have to wear a name tag but, only with my first name. I was on a morning shift the a few days ago and a boy had come in and placed his order he asked for a bacon roll with brown sauce. Once it was cooked i handed the product to the boy only to realise the one I had handed him didn’t have the brown sauce on it, he refused to give me back the bacon roll because he believe that it did have brown sauce on. I decided that I wouldn’t argue with him because out policy was, the customer is always right. Well this was clearly not the case because I knew it didn’t have that sauce on, but who am I just a dumb waitress right? Later that night I got home from work, got into some comfy clothes did my usual social media checks to find an inbox from some boy I’d never heard the name of, Wierd right? I thought before I reply back I’ll have a nosey through his facebook to see if I recognise him, well two picture in and I realised it was the same customer who didn’t have the brown sauce on his roll. We only had two mutual friends on so he had gone out of his way to search me out. Anyway, his inbox said, “you know that roll I brought to day it was plain” I didn’t know what he wanted me to say as I was not in a position to give him anything free I mean I did tell him it was plain, so I replyed “sorry, I did tell you” I just thought to myself how weird that out of everything you could have done you decided to take your time and search me up on facebook instead of bringing the roll back in, slightly weird in my opinion but hey ho what ever floats his boat.
I was working again today, and was serving what looked like a son and father. I asked for the order and the young boys reply was,”hello lady would you like some flowers?” With a massive smile on his face, not knowing quite what to say I replied with a nervous giggle, me being silly thinking that perhaps this would change the subject and they would then just tell me their order. The dad then responded to me with a question “can he have your number?” To which I replied politly “no sorry”.Everyone in work was laughing I was so embarrassed, my face had gone as red as a tomato, to which my manager had noticed and came over to ask if I was okay or needed any help. The father had seen I was bright red and made this comment “why are you blushing do you like my son?” Sarcastically I replied “yes sir thats why im blushing” whether he got that sarcasm or not I will never know as I then got asked for my number again. I stopped serving them and a boy I work with shouted “yes! You got chatted up, I wish people would ask for my number”, “yes” I said “By a ten year old” all of the members of staff were in hysterics, It was so embarrassing but so funny at the same time.
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